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Laufnet - Access equipment , SDH, PDH multiplexers
AudioCodes' product line includes Enabling Technology Products such as Voice over Packet chip processors, VoIP PCI and cPCI Telephony boards & media gateway modules, Core Network Products for the wireline, wireless, broadband access and enhanced voice services applications and CPE & Access Gateways, comprised of AudioCodes analog and digital media gateways. (Product offerings include media gateway and media server platforms for packet networks in the wireline, wireless, broadband access and media server markets)
Corecess' range of access products include IP based ADSL, VDSL and SHDSL systems for accessing and running applications of voice, video and data over copper lines and Ethernet switch routers designed for aggregating DSLs and direct fiber access to the subscribers. All products are aided with enhanced GUI based management and monitoring software to enable operators in managing their network elements.
OneAccess designs and markets CPE-routers that address business customer’s requirements for solutions with a high level of security, reliability and based on market standards for faster integration in their networks. The products provide a comprehensive set of solutions, including numerous access technologies, voice over packet and migration solutions for non-IP data flows.
For TDM base network system, Tainet provides Super Shelf as well as various Analogue and Digital modems. With well-proven TDM technology, Tainet provide wide range of modems by adopting new transmission protocols suitable for changing environments. Various types of interface have also ensured different applications from the end user.
WizLAN is a leading provider of fiber-optic connectivity, distribution and conversion solutions for data communication and FTTX access markets. WizLAN designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of manageable and unmanageable, modular and standalone products that support the diverse requirements of the networking markets.